Classroom News

First Semester

Kindergarten is learning basic classroom routines in art and practicing basic skills with tools and materials. Kindergarten is recognizing that visual art can tell stories and that artworks represent feelings and ideas. Highlighted projects include rainbow collage, turtle color wheel, watercolor butterfly, winter trees, and shapes portrait.

First graders are making artistic decisions by choosing appropriate materials and expressing their creative ideas and feelings in their artworks. Students are learning to respect community by sharing materials with intention and care. First grade is learning about the 7 main elements of art (line, shape color, texture, value, shape, and form) used in visual compositions and were introduced to some famous artworks and styles. Project highlights include James Rizzi inspired birds, colorful tissue trees, peekaboo snowman paintings, and beautiful painted pond lilies. 

Second grade is developing their craft by applying elements of art intentionally in their works and using the language of visual art and design to communicate their ideas. Students plan and create works of art using various media such as paint, oil pastel, collage, and chalk. Project highlights include James Rizzi inspired buildings, Chinese style vase painting, warm and cool abstract paper sculptures winter landscape with shadow, and an impressionistic sunset.

Third through Fifth grade students painted a folder portfolio and started off the year on the topic of gratitude by designing a cover for a thank you card. Students engaged in the creative process by planning and creating various works of art such as a impressionistic inspired painting, a chalk faux stained glass tree, and a whimsical landscape with organic shapes and a photo of themselves included. Students examined works by famous artists such as Hundertwasser, Van Gogh, and Pissarro. Students were challenged to reflect on how to know when an artwork is complete by asking themselves if there is anything else they could do to improve their work and if they accomplished what they set out to accomplish. Students practiced communication skills and use of artistic vocabulary by presenting their artworks to the class audience and having the opportunity to give and receive feedback.