Classroom News


Week Four

Third - Fifth students were encouraged to practice focus and stamina while creating a unique close up dragon eye with texture. Artists developed their craft of drawing by incorporating the use of value and gradation in their color choices with colored pencils. Students went on to create an original stained glass design with ink and tempera paint.

First and second grades made a snowflake composition, used oil pastel to take a line for a walk, and made a mixed media house in winter collage. First grade made clay pinch pot with a handle of beads.

Kindies made a clay pinch pot a snowman collage, winter trees collage, houses in winter painting.

Week Three

Third through fifth grade hypothesized how an artwork was made then planned the steps to make their own. Students made collaborative paintings which were then torn into pieces and shared to create beautiful close up animal collages with india ink. Students chose an animal that has a quality that represents them. Students reflected on their process.
First and second grade made mixed media landscape collages and seasonal fall paintings. Students learned an elements of art song and learned about the color wheel.

Kindies practiced their skills with various seasonal projects such as mittens with texture, an owl collage, and overlapping pumpkins with oil pastel. 

Week Two

During week two, students used chalk to create a surrealistic style work of art inspired by Marc Chagall.
Third, fourth, and fifth students learned how to make a plan for completing a work of art. This is an important part of the creative process. Students used an art proposal form to articulate a goal and envision a product. Students also discussed the various purposes/categories of art, titled their artwork, and wrote an artist statement.

First and second grade identified how artists intentionally choose elements and materials to express their ideas and are increasing their vocabulary to build their literacy in the discipline of art. First and second graders described the steps they used in creating a surrealistic drawing.

Kindies explored using colors to represent feelings while painting with tempera cakes. Kindies made warm and cool color paintings, and began noticing and discussing well known artworks. 

Week One

During week one, students practiced being mindful in art by using materials with intention and care. We developed our community by discussing what "Going for the Gold" in art looks like. We made class agreements about art routines and using art tools.

Kindies listened to stories about color, made a portrait, a rainbow collage, and practiced fine motor skills using art materials.
All students are encouraged to use growth mindset while creating and trying new things in the art room this year! 

Third, fourth and fifth made a monochromatic self portrait, expressed answers to "All About Me" questions on a T-shirt template, and made a Mondrian inspired Line Design with varied values, tints, and shades of one color. 

First and second made monochromatic self portrait, made a close-up creature, and expressed answers to "All About Me" questions on a T-shirt template.